Eric Garris

Deep Thoughts


"Always keep your head up, there's nothing on the ground."

Only a few people know about my ‘Crossfit' fitness path. It all started with an invitation from a War-harden death dealer in a bar. My first ever ‘WOD’  in Wyoming’s First Crossfit gym, took me over 10 minutes  - poor mechanics, awful coordination, and around 200 pounds. The paint from the OD green was still wet and the fumes is something I can still remember. At that time and during the WOD, I was hating life. Other serious life details made everything seem hard,  impossible, and I chose the couch and the easy street.

After I recovered a week later, I was called by the same coach and was challenged, ‘Why the F- aren’t you at the gym?’ I had no response and no good excuse… I sulked back and evaluated my life and the direction I  needed to turn. A few sacrifices and lifestyles changes I realized I could afford a membership and made that investment in myself.

My love and appreciation for this approach to fitness, health, and well-being, has made me stronger and a better person. A greater version of myself began to immerse and it became a bigger thing to me than a commodity.  I wanted all my friends and family to try it out. I once encouraged a girl to come check out the gym too after our first date. We went on a hike (that was all I could afford for us to do at the time). She quickly came out of her comfort zone and built her  confidence which sparked a woman so strong and amazing I one day interrupted a WOD to ask her to marry me… Lives are changed by these workouts and you get what you put in.

Sure, I've lost friends, been betrayed, and even hurt friends to do the right thing. But there is so much you can gain from this community of athletes! The friendships you gain, the greatest Self you can achieve,  and the benefits of mental and physical strength gives this gym and community it’s strength and value.

Working for your goals, through injuries, through personal struggles, - we all experience them, but molding them and changing them to be what you want them to be creates the strong people that this world needs.

I've been blessed with the greatest coaches from the beginning at Mountain Fit, those at my Level 1, to the current cadre of badas* MFers at Caliber and other Casper greats. I love the fitness community of Casper  and I hope it continues to grow.

If you want to join a gym to be the best, the strongest, and wanting the spot light - that’s cute and really neat, but all you’ll be is just good at working out. If you want to become the best You - Caliber is by  far one of the best gyms to improve and induce that change. Stay humble, drive on, and encourage others to be great!

Always keep your head up - there’s nothing motivating on the ground.