Kassie Lesco

About Kassie

Coach Kass is currently a social work major through University of Wyoming in Casper. She is passionate about fitness and believes in gentle nutrition that helps people feel well and move their best. She was a personal trainer for 4 years before returning to school.  Kass has competed in the past in CrossFit competitions like Average Joes (2014, 2016), Winter WODfest (2015,2016), and Battle of the Beast (2015) as well as run 5 and 10Ks, and a half marathon(2017). She has also done a few triathlons, on that was Olympic Distance (2017) and a sprint (2015). She also did a Beast Spartan race (2017). Although, Kass used to compete, she currently focuses on fitness for fun and self-care. She is excited to coach and really enjoy’s answering questions and helping athletes perform movements that are safe yet challenging.


CrossFit L1


Precision Nutrition L1

Nutritional Therapist through Health Sciences Academy

Group Power

CrossFit mobility

CrossFit endurance

ACSM personal training certificate.