Kyle Kiser


Born and raised in Wyoming, I am graduate of Rawlins high school.

Upon graduation I fulfilled a lifelong dream and proudly served in the united States Marine Corps.

During my enlistment I had the honor of serving with some of the best Marines the nation had to offer.

During this time in my life I discovered a Passion for hard work, serving others and the value of true friendships.  

My wife and I discovered CrossFit while working out in a local gym. We enjoyed the teamwork aspect and challenging workouts provided by dedicated coaches. What we did not expect to find was the friendships and community that came along with the membership.

2017 marked the opening of Caliber Fitness our Functional Fitness gym deeply rooted in family, friendship's and community.

The growth in the past years have brought many challenges and blessed us with many new friends.

Moving forward our Caliber family is excited to continue our quest in providing our Casper community with an inviting, safe and positive environment for all fitness levels.  We also strive to provide the most knowledgeable and caring coaches available.

Favorite Quote:

Your CrossFit accomplishments, how much you lift, how fast you run or your athletic capacity does not indicate what type of person you are.

However being coachable, respectful, resilient and honest is a direct reflection of your character.- Anonymous